Friday, September 25, 2009

Michelle Heaven's The Swooning Gloom

If you're a fan of Michelle Heaven's work, particularly her brilliant show Disagreeable Object, don't miss Weave Movement Theatre's triple bill Triplicity as part of this year's Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Heaven's piece The Swooning Gloom is only short, but sharply focussed and really well composed, not to mention evocative and entertaining.

It was choreographed in collaboration with performers Janice Florence, Noelle Rees-Hatton and Trevor Dunn, and the brilliant lighting design is by Oscar Seaburgs.

Other pieces in the same program are Trample by Gerard Van Dyck, and Dirt by Kate Middleweek.

Visit the Fringe website for more info, but be quick! The season only runs until Sunday 27 September.

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