Saturday, September 25, 2010

Melbourne Fringe Show: Cake!

Created and performed by Katrina Rank and Hayley Thompson

At Synergy ‘shopfront' Gallery, 253 High Street, Northcote

Until 25 September, 2010

Reviewed by Jordan Beth Vincent

Oh, it’s good to be an audience member when homemade scones, gingerbread and– you guessed it– cake are on the menu. Two women (Katrina Rank and Hayley Thompson) play perfect hostess in this short and sweet Fringe production, offering up angelic smiles and etiquette tips as they obsessively salivate over pink frosting and sprinkles.

What begins as a little work about women’s work suddenly transforms into a commentary on fad dieting, the dancers fighting a losing battle with the scales and measuring tapes in their effort to achieve classic femininity. Crinoline petticoats are swapped for sweat bands and t-shirts, and a cute ‘sweating to the oldies’ aerobic routine is layered with self-loathing and body dismorphia.

Gender expectation is a fairly common theme in contemporary dance, and while Cake! could benefit from a more intense investigation of its topic, its light comedic touch– plus sugar– make a pleasant combination.

First printed in The Age newspaper

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